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Notice anything different?

About the blog? *

It’s now at, no “wordpress” in the address — I bought the domain.

When I first started the blog it was just supposed to be for fun, so my family and friends could check up on the progress of our laneway house project.

That was before I became obsessed interested with the whole “living small” movement.

Then I had the radio interview and I thought it would be nice to hear from more people — much easier to find me when I’m just the ladywholivesdownthelane.

Plus I wanted a way for others who are interested in laneway housing —  or actually living in a laneway house — could contact me.  I think it would be very nice if we could form a virtual neighbourhood of laneway occupants. And that would mean reaching out to people who left me comments.

I found out that, with the wordpress domain blog you have to register to leave a comment, and I know some people are reluctant to do that.  I know I am.  So, in order to be more inclusive, it would be better to have my own domain.

So here it is!  Expect a few more changes — some links to other sites I think you’ll find interesting, etc. I’m just starting to explore the capacity of the new arrangement.

*By the way, the correct answer to “Notice anything different?” is always “Have you lost weight?”.  Always.

More tiny houses

I admire people who need less than I do.  There is almost a Zen-like approach to living that comes with living with very, very little.  These Tiny Houses featured in this Apartment Therapy story  prove that you can do more with less.

Tiny HouseAnd they’re so cute, too!


Custom or off-the-shelf?

One of the reasons we are looking forward SO MUCH to our new laneway home is because every bit of it will be designed and built specially for us by Novell.  Do we want drawers in the stairs for shoe storage? It shall be done.  Sitting room and kitchen upstairs? Our wish is master to their deed.

But some people don’t want to spend the bucks on a custom home — or don’t need to.  They just want a rental unit or a studio that can house friends or visiting relations.

You can still buy a standard plan from one of the laneway builders in town.  OR, if you really want to save money, go with a pre-fab.

PacificOutbuildingsWestcoast Outbuildings will sell you a pre-fab home like the one above for less than $35 grand.  (That doesn’t include permits, electrical, plumbing, or appliances, natch, and I don’t think it includes installing the concrete pad it rests on).

It’s not for everyone, but don’t think you are priced out of the laneway home market just because you can’t — or won’t — pay for a custom build.

Just a caveat — I ran across the Westcoast Outbuildings website and thought I would tell you about it.  I haven’t had any contact with them and of course, I’m not taking any money from them.  Also, I can’t confirm their claims that you can get a permit to build or live in one of their projects.

Small? Why not go tiny?

A truly tiny house has been designed — and you can get the plans from the designer, Humble Homes, at a reduced price this month.

Check out a video tour of the Athru Tiny House here.

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