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Are these people ready to live in a laneway house?

No.  No we are not.

We have signed the agreement to let our designer/contractor actually get started on designing and, you know, contracting.  But it’s obvious that we are not ready to move into a house that is 500 square feet large.  And when you think that 500 square feet is 46.451522 square metres, it seems even smaller!

Lest you think I am being hysterical…..this weekend is a holiday long weekend (BC Day — go BC!) and so we spent a whole day not going to the Pride Parade but instead cleaning out our storage space in the downstairs parking area.  The before picture:

Pretty horrible, isn’t it?  Like we are two empty shoe boxes away from being a reality show.  But after a day of moving stuff, repacking stuff from flimsy boxes into plastic bins, recycling what we could, giving away what we could, and being subjected to the neighbourly stink-eye for filling our collective garbage bin to the top, we finished.

Looking for the after picture?

Nope.  Not going to show it.  Because it is nearly as horrible as the before picture.  We have too much stuff.  But at least now we know that we will have to find shelf space for a couple hundred LP records as well as everything else.

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Starting the adventure of building a laneway house in the real-estate jungle of Vancouver, BC

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