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Day 102 — the calm before the storm

We dashed back after our week amid the beaches and peaches of Penticton to see what changes had occurred in the laneway and were significantly underwhelmed.

From the outside, it looked as if nothing had happened.  But when we got inside we could see that the electrician had been very busy.  All the pot lights are installed in where the ceiling will be — that is going to be one bright home — and we could also see where the receptacles and switches will be.

We are still trying to figure out one key part of the plan — the bedside lamps.  We thought we had found the perfect lamp, but then heard from Laurel our designer that the electrician had said, yes, they could be installed, but they could not be hard wired in, and that meant a visible cord running down the wall.  Why bother? We want built-ins!  So we just slipped into the Penticton branch of a local lighting store and hope that we’ve found the perfect one.  We’ll go over to their local branch to see if they can help us out.

We got a little too clever for ourselves and looked in furniture and accessory stores for the bedside lamps before we went to a lighting store.  We have learned our lesson.

I also discovered a free computer assisted design program, Sweet Home 3D.  I’m still learning the program, but it allowed me to use our plans to draw a 3D rendition of our kitchen and sitting area:

upstairsMetro.jpgIt’s still crude (like I said, I’m still learning) but we are able to visualize so much better — I cannot look at two dimensional drawings and “see” in my mind where things will go.  For instance, we were hoping to use our current coffee table, actually a carved wooden chest with a slab of glass on it.  But when I tried to fit it into the 3D rendition, it was clear that it would block the flow to the deck door.  It looked possible in the floor plan, but in 3D it was unworkable.

What is ahead for us is:  electrical and outdoor sheathing inspection, building paper and rain screening, then the metal roofing and siding installation.  Then more inspections and then…..DRYWALL!  So we are going to see some major changes soon.

Also we are waiting for the city to connect the water to the main house and the laneway — that will mean the main house can fill in the trench that currently leads from their front yard to the laneway — ugly and dangerous with a toddler around.

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Starting the adventure of building a laneway house in the real-estate jungle of Vancouver, BC

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  1. Hi, We checked out your new abode when in town last week…is going to be awesome! I love the way everything has a place; you can tell you have put a lot of thought into the design to fit the uses of the spaces. Love the living roof idea. cheers, Anni

  2. Glad you could drop by! Hope next time I can give you a cup of tea. We are very excited about every part of our new home, and very vert about the living roof.


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