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Making light of the situation

Now that we are getting down to the nitty and the gritty, we have to look at what we really want, and decide whether or not we really, REALLY want it.

F’instance, we got out the automobile this afternoon and drove out to Port Moody (thank you NOT Google maps!) to Modern Bathroom.  To see a backlit mirror.

Our designer, Laurel, had thought that we would like a back-lit mirror in the bathroom and she suggested this one:


It is lovely.  Also $900.  American!

But we loved the idea of a backlit mirror rather than a mirror with sconces on either side (I find a light above the mirror casts unattractive shadows on my aging face, and I like to retain what vanity I can as time goes on) and we thought we might be able to find something a little less pricy and closer to hand (I try to find local suppliers when I can).  And after an extensive search, we found that Modern Bathroom in Port Moody had this:


for $300.  And so we had to go out and look at it, and lo, it looked great. Plus it has a built in anti-fogging heater. So we bought it.  One more item off the to-do list.

And another couple of items ONTO the to-do list.

I fell madly in love with this lamp as soon as I started to look for design ideas for the laneway house.  Love at first sight.

Contemporary Ceiling Lighting by New York Lighting YLighting
The Nut Light.  Gorgeous, fits in with mid-century styling, sleek and chic.  I wanted it in our front hall.  And hanging over the peninsula in the kitchen, I wanted either this saucer lamp
lampsaucer1or this one:
Real icons of the mid-century esthetic.
But then our designer Laurel pointed out that, instead of hanging the Nut Light over the laneway door, why not hang it over the north door — the one into the yard?  Then, rather than just being able to see it in the front hall, you could see it from the front hall, the top of the stairs, outside through the glass in the door or the windows, and even from the kitchen.
It’s a good idea, but now what do we hang over the peninsula in the kitchen?  Instead of being a one-off, the kitchen peninsula pendant has to match the Nut Light.
Not MATCH match, maybe.  Or maybe it should match.  I am better with words than with design.
Should we use another Nut Light over the peninsula?
Keep the saucer-shaped light?
Or go with a different shape (but still the same basic idea):
Or should I go with something quite different than I had originally planned:
I agree that this problem is a lovely one to have, lots of choice — too much, really — but I don’t want to make a mistake.
I’m usually pretty good with saying “This goes here” then just blocking out all the other options.  But this time I am just not feeling that confidence.
Any suggestions?

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Starting the adventure of building a laneway house in the real-estate jungle of Vancouver, BC

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  1. The Nut light appears to come in white as well as natural, use the natural wood colour in your hallway and the lighter shade one in the kitchen. It’s a gorgeous piece!


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