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Use it up or throw it out!

We are packing again, getting ready to move to the laneway house.  I look around me and see shelves of goods, and I just don’t know where it all will go.

Well, of course, a lot of it will go …. out.


What will we throw out?  In this article on Wise Bread, there are tons of things to toss. Lots of the suggestions we have already rid ourselves of:

2. Old Paint

We all have those cans of paint in the garage or basement. They’re great for touching up walls when they get chipped or scratched up.

We got rid of all our old paint by taking it to the local recycler.

11. Magazines

There’s a better place for those old magazines than gathering dust in your garage, basement, or attic

I tossed piles of magazines.  And when I get a new magazine I give the old issue away, so I only keep one issue at a time.

16. Old Underwear, Socks, and Bras

Alas, sometimes we stretch out the time between washes a little longer than we should, and why? Because we see five pairs of undies or socks left in the drawer and know we’re OK.

I can’t bring myself to give away my older…”lingerie”( to call my skivvies by a fancy French name).  But I can’t believe how much I have, and I won’t have to visit the panty counter for a long, long time.

17. Dated Technology, Including Old Cell Phones

It was shocking to see how many old computer components and cell phones we had when we moved the first time.  Luckily we could wipe the hard drives and pass them along.

What am I ridding myself of? We have lots to throw away.

9. Linens

Old, dated, worn, mismatched linens that no longer have a use other than “what if?”

Or shred

4. Dated Receipts, Paychecks, and Bills

Do you really need a filing cabinet full of old bills, paychecks, and receipts? If they are no longer needed, dump them

We’re digitising as much as we can of our paper records.

7. Cups and Mugs

We’ve got lots of old dishes that will go.  There are boxes of “good” dishes in the storage locker, no need to hold onto chipped and mis-matched crockery.

And what can I NOT give away?

23. Jewelry

Pendants with broken chains. Old rings. Old bracelets. Dated brooches. Dated anything, actually.

I am not a jewellery fan.  I have been given lovely chains, bracelets, earrings, pins.  But I wear the same silver chain and the same silver hoop earrings almost every day.  I know I should sell or give away a lot of the jewellery I have.  But I just can’t.  It’s the shocking victory of sentiment over practicality, but I can’t get rid of my old jewellery.  Oh sure, cheap plastic items have been passed along.  But not the good stuff.

So we continue with the process.  Shedding our carapace of belongings.  Like moulting a skin. But just a bit more painful.

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Starting the adventure of building a laneway house in the real-estate jungle of Vancouver, BC

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