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Another super cool super small NYC apartment

Thius 425 square foot Manahttan apartment comes to us via the Inhabit website.

Manhattan-Micro-Loft-Specht-Harpman-5-537x357It’s another sleek, cool looking micro-apartment, built into a loft and over 3 floors.  Of course it is loaded with built-in storage — the space beneath the stairs is non-stop closet.  And it manages to maintain a comfortable feel while keeping clutter to a minimum.

The owners are using it as a pied-a-terre, not planning to live there full time, but I think it would be perfect for a single person (or a very compatible couple). I hope they hang a few paintings to take advantage of all that light.

BTW, you may want to subscribe to Inhabit’s newsletter.  It’s NYC-centric, but full of articles of interest to all sustainability and small-living fans.

440 square feet in Brooklyn

By now you may have noted my interest in other people’s small spaces — and more importantly, what they’ve done with them.


This story on Apartment Therapy is about a small apartment in Brooklyn, New York, that still manages to feel (in the words of the article) “comfortable and roomy”.

That bold shot of colour emphasizes the other white walls.  If they’d tried to put it elsewhere it would have made the “choppiness” of the other walls very obvious.  But now, everything flows. And keeping the curtain that blocks off the bedroom area of this studio the same colour as the walls adds to that flow.

In this shot, you see that the main room only has two smallish windows, 


But it still feels light and airy.

Read the article and see all the rooms in this home.  It’s a good lesson in living with less.

600 square feet — 2 bedrooms — two boys

Judy Ross lives in Manhattan with two young sons.  And her place looks great.  Just 600 square feet she has managed to fit in so much storage that her home looks tidy and spacious even while filling the place with lovely artwork and objets.


How did she do it?  She ran her apartment like a ship.

Check out her story on Apartment Therapy and be inspired to create your very own small space. PS.  It’s a rental apartment.

Living with less — and the New York Times

I have made this letter longer, because I have not had the time to make it shorter.Blaise Pascal

I think old Blaise might have hit the proverbial nail on the head.

We have more because we do not have the time to learn to live with less.

This story from the New York Times is about someone with exactly that problem.

Graham Hill, the founder of was one of those very bright people who made a great deal of money starting up and selling an internet company. For more money than most of us will ever make in our lifetimes.

What does a young man with virtually unlimited funds do?  Go on a shopping spree, of course!  In fact, he hired his own shopper to do all the boring stuff — he just pointed to polaroids and nodded to bring more stuff into his life. A big apartment in New York AND a large house in Seattle.  Plus everything you need to live in those places.

But then he needed to hire people to look after his stuff.  Because looking after his stuff was a job. And he didn’t have time to do it.

My house and my things were my new employers for a job I had never applied for.

It took some time, but Graham stopped worrying about owning things and concentrated on doing things. Now he lives in 420 square feet in New York.

It’s a pretty sweet space — check it out. Or read about it here. And his life has gotten much better now.

I’m still a serial entrepreneur, and my latest venture is to design thoughtfully constructed small homes that support our lives, not the other way around….My space is small. My life is big.

His newest venture is LifeEdited — a way to help other people live smaller and better.

In the end, I don’t think it’s a case of not having enough time to learn to live with less.  I think a change like that — like we are making — calls for a shift in priorities.  And that is probably a very good thing.

A small apartment in Manhattan

I love Style at Home magazine.  For many years (at least 10), I have received a year’s subscription to the actual paper-and-ink magazine from DH for Christmas.  One year I also received one from my sister, such is my love of SAH known throughout my friends and family. But one thing used to drive me crazy.

All the homes they showed were large.  Sometimes very large.  Ten-foot ceilings.  Sitting rooms you could put a bowling alley in.

Recently they have completely redeemed themselves, by showing how to decorate small spaces.  Their March issue is all about getting the most from the least amount of square-footage.



This article shows how you can make a small space pretty and feminine. There’s no need to stick to slick surfaces and sleek lines when what you want is lace and loveliness. The designer gave the owner of this 600 square foot Manhattan apartment a very pretty place to come home to.

SAH313-2Check out how the designer keeps the look light and airy while still bringing in the touches that make it soft and luxurious.

File this one under Small Spaces Rule!


Small space in the Big Apple

Thanks to Style at Home, we can see how  New York-based Canadian designer Brendan Kwinter-Schwartz re-made pilot Kerry Dempsey’s 680 square foot Manhattan loft into a sleek but comfortable home.

What’s not to love?

manhattan-loft-grandest-spaceEspecially those saucer pendant lights and the cowhide-as-area rug on hardwood.  Armless slipper chairs are versatile yet take up less visual space.

manhattan-loft-classicBut don’t plan on installing those light-as-air stairs unless you want to become BFFs with members of the board of variance.  As far as I know, in Vancouver you are not allowed spaces between stairs large enough for a baby’s head to fit through (about 4″ or 10cm).

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